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zak with mopzak mechanic - writer/director - is fantastic.  absolutely fantastic.  and he’s from texas.  he studied creative writing in undergrad; his writing has appeared in publications including mcsweeney’s and the dallas morning news.  he has previously produced such films as bootyful world, august, have you ever heard about vukovar?, and the passenger. his future includes a feature version of blunderkind, a delicious sandwich from larchmont wine and cheese, and modest efforts in the realm of commercials and music videos.

a few quick facts about zak:

1.  tc boyle once described a story of zak’s as “clever” but said it pejoratively

2.  zak spent his early years as a child actor (under a different name—good luck finding it) though soon realized his place was behind the camera

3.  he once bowled a 183; there's no evidence to corroborate this claim

4.  although this film, blunderkind, has yet to win any awards, his mom read the script and found it to be much better than his last one

5.  he once bit a dog’s tongue.  that’s right, he bit it on the tongue.  he claims it was an accident, and lives his life in fear that at any moment a wiener dog could pop-out and try to exact her revenge

6.  he thinks you might like this music video

7. he does not spell his name, "zach mechanic," or "zac mechanic," and insincerely apologizes for any confusion

annie bio annie lukowski - producer






avital avital levy - producer - after graduating from the usc school of cinematic arts less than a year ago, avital embarked on great adventures that included attending festival screenings across the globe for her famed documentary about butts, "bootyful world," being a research assistant on hbo's "assume the position with mr. wuhl," assistant editing the dvd portion of lyle lovett's new deluxe album, "it's not big, it's large," and most importantly, blunderkind, which she admits is one of a kind. currently, she is developing a feature, a documentary, and editing her cousin's wedding video.

lindsaylindsay burton - producer - lindsay grew up in africa where her father studied genetic abnormalities in rare tiger species. she feels that her time spent there truly informed the person she has ultimately become and prepared her for a life in show business. she has a cermaic unicorn collection.

nic bio nicola marsh - cinematographer - grew up in london, england. she first moved to the us to work as a news camerawoman for nbc. after three years of covering burning buildings, household germs and laci peterson, she moved to los angeles in search of something deeper. luckily she found usc, where she completed the masters' film production program. while there, she won a $40,000 scholarship from the david lean foundation. In 2006 she directed "last exit," which won third place at the planetout short film awards and is being distributed by logo television.

nicola currently works in los angeles as a freelance cinematographer. her clients include cbs (the tyra banks show), tlc, logo, the discovery channel and mtv. she thinks you should totally check out her website, totally.

rachel bio rachel kondrath - production designer





glowing potty jeff chen - editor - is the youngest of three sons. his two older brothers are a doctor and a lawyer, so naturally, when he attended ucla as an art major, his parents were thrilled! now that he's almost finished with his mfa at usc, his parents continue to offer moral support with questions like "so, when are you going to get a real job?" If you would like to know more about jeff chen, or making your parents proud, please visit


roland nguyen - 2nd unit director - was the first vietnamese baby born in north dakota. he graduated from bismarck high school in 1994 and from the massachusetts institute of technology in 1998. he is good at math.




kristinkristin achtmeyer - costume designer -
has been a costume designer/stylist for 2 years in los angeles and has done many films, television shows, reality tv and student films. it has been great for kristin to have worked with zak and annie on many projects. blunderkind was a great short film that kristin really enjoyed designing. her previous films include borderless, the passenger, and soon the accident. she has also worked on "beauty and the geek," clash of the music videos, untraceable, and rainbow tribe.